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  • Job openings in Central Florida are at an all-time high, while the number of people searching for work is at a twenty-year low. Read the top five reasons of why Central Florida job seekers haven't returned to work post-COVID.
  • Your career brand has to paint a picture so that high caliber candidates can see themselves working for your company. How is this done? Here are my suggestions:
  • is excited to partner with SHRM Jacksonville to provide members a strong and cost-effective recruiting resource for Jacksonville!
  • In a perfect world, you would know the exact salary and benefits for the job that you are interviewing for from the start. The employer would also know exactly what your compensation expectations are as well. However, these things never seem to line up and this is what causes a lot of stress an...
  • Employers have a lot of reasons why they don’t hire you. However, are employers really being truthful with you on the “real reason” they didn’t hire you?
  • Whether you are a recent graduate, looking to change careers, or returning to the workforce after a short or extended leave, is it worth your time to go to a career fair?
  • If you choose a career path where there is a shortage in qualified candidates you may not find the competition as fierce, but what if the industry you have chosen has tough competition? How do you set yourself apart from the crowd to get noticed in your job search?
  • There are several career fairs coming up in Jacksonville over the next few months. Here are a few to keep on your radar as you search for a job in Jacksonville.
  • A Curriculum Vitae is a self-marketing tool and getting an interview can depend on how good your CV is. You will need to consider what to include, how much detail is needed and how to make your CV stand out from all the others.
  • Understandably, many people find discussing salaries uncomfortable and embarrassing during an interview. However, most interviewers expect some bartering and, if it motivates you to put more into the job, it is worthwhile for both the applicant and the employer.
  • Rapport is the connection between two people; the spoken and unspoken words that say ‘we are on the same page’. In an interview situation you can employ numerous techniques to maximize the rapport between yourself and your interviewer.
  • The main aim of a covering letter is to encourage recruiters to read your CV. However, it needs to do a lot more than say, 'here is my CV!'. In short, it is the biggest chance you have to sell yourself.
  • Employers often use psychometric testing to vet potential employees and help them understand a little more about your personality and ability to fit into the role they are offering – and this type of testing is becoming increasing popular.
  • Writing a good CV is tricky: the message must be right but so must its appearance.